Fall and Winter

Shown here are some of the things we have been doing recently. More less in order: Hike to Turkey Point Lighthouse, our day in Annapolis, December in NYC, Ellis Island Hard Hat Tour of hospital wings, Christmas, Shoveling out from the January storm, Basement Remodeling.

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Longwood Gardens at Christmas

Longwood Gardens in Delaware. This is a former DuPont family home. There is a long tradition of gardening in the family, and this fella took it to great extremes. The gardens cover over 1000 acres, and this Conservatory Building is 4 acres under roof. It is a spectacular display.

Delaware Museum of Art

The Delaware Museum of Art is located in Wilmington, DE, just up the road from us. This is a fine small museum with several really interesting collections. There is a large selection of American illustrative art, as optimized from the painting shown here. The galleries include a contemporary collection more often found in a larger gallery in a bigger city. It is worth a visit.

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Audrey as Maid Marian

Audrey has become involved in creating costumes based on movies or television – a hobby called cosplay. This hand made dress is based on Maid Marian from the BBC America television show, Robin Hood.

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Craig’s Outdoor Sculpture

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These are two sculptures that barely saw the light of day back in our old house. With this move I have decided to enjoy them, even if they eventually rust away.


Maryland Native Plants Guide

These photos were taken on April 7th at the National Botanic Garden, Washington DC, and feature native plantings for the mid-Atlantic states and the Chesapeake Bay. Obviously early spring. Tags ID the plants pretty well.

Graphic Design Portfolio

This portfolio showcase features a variety of projects to illustrate experience with print processes and techniques, as well as mastery of the Adobe Create Suite necessary to bring these projects to completion. Stylistically these samples represent a wide range of approaches because I have always tried to have printed pieces represent my client’s businesses, and reflect their style more than my own. What I bring is a deep knowledge of¬†strong design principles and a sharp eye to typography, layout and photography.

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