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Graphic Design Portfolio

This portfolio showcase features a variety of projects to illustrate experience with print processes and techniques, as well as mastery of the Adobe Create Suite necessary to bring these projects to completion. Stylistically these samples represent a wide range of approaches because I have always tried to have printed pieces represent my client’s businesses, and reflect their style more than my own. What I bring is a deep knowledge of┬ástrong design principles and a sharp eye to typography, layout and photography.

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Blue Goose web site

Blue Goose Inc

Blue Goose Inc

Anvil Graphics just completed one of the more demanding web sites in some time. The site, completed with colleague and coder Kyle Geminden, was a couple months in the making. The site helps our client position themselves as an expert in their field. Blue Goose offers a wide variety of trade show and event products, graphic design and services. The main goal of the site is to show a wide variety of past projects, as well as what is possible in the future. To do this we utilized a great number of galleries and images. This is a CMS site, the acronym for Content Management System. This approach, based on the Statamic CMS, allows the client to make many more of their own changes and updates. It also allows for easy remote updating from any internet browser. This site is also deeply optimized for both desktop computers and mobile devices. It is a fluid layout with columns that change according to the users screens size.

Anvil Graphics at the Pines Building

This is the office for my graphic design business while in Greeley. It features a relaxed seating area, 4 work stations, a medium format proofing printer, two smaller printers, a storage room, and several of my sculptures on display.